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FAA PI/Engineer Workshop

The following documents were presented to FAA Principal Inspectors and Engineers on November 5-7, 2002 during a workshop in Washington, DC: All Files presented in Adobe PDF format

Aging Electrical Systems Research Program
Aging Wiring Trend Analysis
Aircraft Wire Degradation Study
ATSRAC Overview
Cargo Strategic Action Plan
Certification and Implementation of Airborne Arc Fault Circuit Breakers
Common Standard Wiring Practices Documents (ATSRAC Task 7)
Dassault Presentation
Draft EZAP NPRM and Advisory Circular 120-XX (ATSRAC Task 9)
Draft Program To Enhance Aircraft EWIS Maintenance (AC 120-XX)
Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Systems (EAPAS)
EWIS Certification (ATSRAC Task 6)
EWIS Maintenance and Inspection Training Program (ATSRAC Task 8)
FAA Aging Mechanical Systems Program
FAA R&D Efforts on Flammability
Field Approval Process Improvement
Managing Wiring Systems Integrity on Aerospace Vehicles
NAVAIR Wiring System Initiatives
NTSB Presentation
Presentation by AIR1
SDR, JASC and Wiring Reporting
SFAR 88 Related Operating Rules and Special Maintenance Requirements
Small Airplane (6 - 30 seat) Considerations (ATSRAC Task 10)
System Wiring Policy for Certification of Part 25 Airplanes
Transient Suppression Devices
Wire Performance Specification For Aircraft Electrical Systems

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